Overwan is a reference partner for implementation, migration and management in Cloud environments.

With a large number of references and successful cases across the country, we stand out in the market by the capacity and competence in the implementation and management of the main Cloud scenarios, which includes:

  • Provisioning and Implementation of Cloud Architectures (Private, Public and Hybrid);
  • Replication Solutions (On-premises to Cloud / Cloud to On-Premises);
  • Productivity Solutions based on Cloud services;
  • Training for IT Managers and Employees.

In addition, we also complement these activities with our managed services portfolio, thus empowering organizations with the tools needed to cope with new challenges, including:

  • Cloud Services Brokering;
  • Consulting;
  • Monotirization and alarm detection;
  • Management and reporting.


Datacenters are the foundation of any company's IT structure. Overwan has the best solutions for building high performance datacenters, providing the ideal environmental and electrical characteristics to ensure its continuous availability, as well as the security mechanisms to protect the equipment and information.

With our knowledge and experience we are able to build new generation data centers, including physical construction and space suitability, thermal, acoustic and fire isolation, technical floor, fire prevention solutions, temperature and humidity control, normal and stabilized energy using UPS´s and/or generators, structured cabling and organization (copper and fiber optics), security and access control.


Wiring infrastructures is the main way of connection between communications and IT equipment’s. Overwan has the know-how and the most appropriate technical solutions to integrate infrastructure projects, certified with up to 25 years of warranty.

Based on copper or optic fiber networks and able to support a large bandwidth transmission, the structured cabling systems are implemented by certified technicians of our company, has the guarantee of the best solutions selected in the market. We have a long experience on designing, installing and implementing data networks on all types of businesses, from small offices to big buildings with thousands of data outlets. We design and install complete solutions: from the cabinet to the data outlet, patching panels and cable trays.

Networks (LAN/WAN)

We have a wide offer on designing, implementing and support network infrastructures, supported by our pre-sales team and technical staff, with the appropriated certifications from the market leader’s vendors. We support our customers in the largest and most complex communications networks.

We have the knowledge to implement different network solutions as we follow a continuous training and certification strategy on the different partners we work with. In order to simplify the communications infrastructures, we also implement management solutions that allow to automate day-to-day tasks: firmware version control, IP, DNS and DHCP addresses management, configuration templates definition and security rules validation.

Wireless Network

Having in mind the network wireless exponential growth and theimportance for all users, Overwan has a qualified engineers team specially dedicated to Wi-Fi network projects.

By adding our design, implementation and support experience on Wi-Fi solutions to the partnership with leading vendors, we offer a complete wireless network service: Coverage and radio signal diffusion survey, electromagnetic interference analysis, detailed reports and optimization recommendations, design and implementation of wireless network, management solutions of BYOD and Guest Access.

Unified Communications

The Unified Communications solution is based on a centralized call management architecture. This IP PBX element is responsible for managing the calls coming from the public line as well as internal routes. It is a scalable solution custom to the needs of a company, always following its growth, not having to pay for additional licensing. It also allows the connection of mobile devices (SIP) or softphones.

The IP PBX element gives your business a secure and fully integrated communication experience. This high-performance solution allows you to install, configure and recover from incidents with high simplicity and speed.


The features provided by the IP PBX are many and variated. It integrates several software packages, each including its own set of features. In addition to the solution add control interfaces and reports, making it the complete package.

Physical and Logical Security

Given that physical security is increasingly supported by IP communications, this arises not only as a supplement to the technical rooms building but also as an associated area to our solutions.

We integrate security solutions as Next Generation Firewalls, UTM, Data Loss prevention, Network Traffic Management and Wired / Wireless Network access management (NAC-Network Access Control). Physical security is a complement for logical security due to the growing need to create mechanisms for local access control and alarm detection for environmental conditions changes (fires or floods). Meaning that our technical staff is able to assure the implementation and maintenance of:

  • Local access control through PIN, proximity cards and biometrics facial readers or fingerprint;
  • Detection and extinguishing fires;
  • Remote surveillance for open spaces or rooms with recording images features.

Windows / Linux Systems

As a complement to this global solution, Overwan also offers information systems solutions, enhancing the strong technical capacity existing.

We gather a set of design, implementation and maintenance skills at server components level (Windows / Linux) and storage, with proper certification, in order to define strategies and develop innovative solutions in this project component.

Monitoring Systems

Our global monitoring solution is based on distributed network monitoring applications under the GPL license. It can monitor hosts and services both in active monitoring mode, i.e. send mail alerts, sms when it detects any problem or update.

This solution has the ability to:

  • Monitor network services (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, ICMP, SNMP);
  • • Monitor computer resources or network equipment (processor load, disk usage, system logs) on most network-supported operating systems, including Windows, perform remote monitoring supported through encrypted tunnels;
  • Define the network hierarchically by defining "parent" equipment, allowing the distinction of equipment that is unavailable from those that are unreachable;
  • Notify when a service or equipment is experiencing problems and when the problem is solved through simple logs. Define event workers who perform tasks in predetermined situations or for proactive problem resolution;
  • Support for system monitoring implementations.


Overwan has solutions for multifunctional office equipments and professional assistance. We offer customized services for analysing current printing costs, increasing profitability and productivity.

Document management

OKI and Kyocera partners for document management software, we offer structured and integrated management solutions for all your company information.


Authorized sellers of OKI and Kyocera brands, of which we highlight the great quality and economy of its multifunctional equipments. We have a wide range of management, maintenance and repair services for the printing and scanning equipment of your company in order to help your business obtain a better control of production costs and document management.

Technical assistance

An experienced and dynamic team of professionals, committed to solving your problems, in the most diverse ranges of products that we distribute.


With a wide range of consumables from the various brands that we distribute, we guarantee top quality results with great relation of price-quality.


It’s a service currently used worldwide, and it guarantees that you will not have to worry more about the problems of your computer assets leaving this responsibility to a team of professionals who guarantee the operation of the systems and periodical update keeping up to date with the world’s evolution.

Our renting contracts always include Technical Assistance with replacement parts or equipment, Insurance / Stealing Management and data recovery in the event of a defective disk.